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Web Development
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Web Development

If your site isn't doing anything for you, it's time to contact us. We differentiate ourselves from our competition by being very simple in our approach and execution of projects. Our menu of services reflects this. You won't find a huge paragraph of marketing speak or pages and pages outlining our methods. We have two kinds of services:

Rebuilding and Redesigning
This is really our specialty. We meet new companies all the time that already have websites but are generally dissatisfied with them. Usually our clients have sites that are not effective in communicating with their visitors. These companies aren't taking advantage of what the Web can do. The Web allows for a unique kind of customer service and interaction that is almost as close as working face to face. We should also mention that most of our clients prefer to manage their sites and the content themselves. We build sites that are completely maintained by our clients - giving them the control they need over their business.

From the Ground Up
If your business is new to the Web, you have an opportunity to extend the level of customer support you are currently offering your customers. Jade Penguin can help you design and build a website that not only provides information to your customers, but lets you communicate with them personally. Here are just some of the interactive features we can bring to your website...
  • Customer surveys
  • Discussion forums
  • E-mail feedback forms
  • E-commerce
  • Database integration
  • Automated content management
  • Statistics
  • Banner advertising
  • Dynamic/changing content

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